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an impressive client list and in very high demand, Dave is now one of the country’s busiest close up magicians. Through his reputation and high level of discretion he is often the magician of choice by many celebrities and dignitaries and is currently working on ideas for a new TV show and is in hard training to break a magic world record.

 At your function Dave will mix and mingle effortlessly between your guests whether standing or seated using his very own unique style of magic to astound, amuse and bewilder. During his performance he uses everyday items such as banknotes, spectators' rings, sugar and playing cards to create seemingly impossible feats mind and body. Yet all this happens within inches of his audiences eyes, leaving them totally baffled yet truly entertained and talking about your function for months to come! 

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“ ……Dave who?” – Daily Express

“ ……never heard of him!” – Daily Mail

“ …….please stop calling here!” – The Sunday Times


Here are just a few of Dave's favourite effects that you might see if you him to perform close up sleight of hand magic at your event:

ring magician

The Ring Trick
- Dave Considers this to be his signature trick and the effect he is best known for.  He borrows a ring and with a wave of his hand it vanishes! right in front of your eyes.  His hands stay within your full view the whole time yet your ring miraculously appears secured tightly to his car keys his back pocket ....then, watch again as it disappears once more, but this time, for the grand-finale the ring then re-appears inside a SEALED envelope, inside a zip pocket, in his wallet, in his inner jacket pocket! 


Mind Reading - Not just a master sleight of hand magician, but also a master 'sleight of mind' magician. You've seen Derren Brown on TV, well  Dave has a whole repertoire of similar mind reading and thought control effects, but this happens in front of your eyes ....not a camera in sight! Whether it's predicting the order of a pack of playing cards that you have just shuffled, successfully thinking of the same word, colour or object that you are thinking of.  Naming a playing card that you merely looked at whilst he was looking away.  Drawing the same picture that you have just drawn, even though he could never have seen it, these, plus many, many other truly mind boggling feats of the mind!!!

magician using sugar

The Sugar Trick - Dave borrows a spectator's banknote, he rolls it into a cone and folds the end over, he then pours the entire contents of a sachet of sugar into it, however, when he unravels it, the sugar has vanished! After the note has been examined, he then rolls up the the  note again and miraculously pours the sugar out.  He then pours the sugar back into his hand, the spectator squeezes the hand and the sugar transforms to a genuine sugar cube. After being examined, he then squeezes the cube and transforms it back to sugar granules.  Now a spectator tears up the sugar sachet, Dave then takes the sugar and the sachet pieces and with a swift wave of the hand, restores the sugar back to it's previous form in the restored packet ....apart from the matching corner of the packet, which you have in your hands the entire time! This is an effect that no other magician performs.


magician with money

The Money Thing
- Dave does some truly bizarre things with borrowed bank notes, turns them inside out, changes them to different currencies or denominations, he may even tear it up and restore it.  All this within inches of your eyes!


watch steal magician


Pick Pocketing - Keep an eye on your watch, your wallet and even your tie when Dave is around of them might just disappear!!


card sharp magician


Playing Cards - Dave is a master Card Sharp!! Signed cards, shuffled into the pack, appear in mind-boggling places; in wallets, in his mouth, behind your watch, on the ceiling and even in his shoe!! Watch too, as a hole punched into your signed card moves around the card and jumps to another card. Plus many other mind boggling card effects.  Dave can also create card effects and themes to suite your function.

table magic magician


The Bottle - In this effect, after Dave produces a bottle from thin air he then proceeds to 'melt' a bottle visibly through the table!!


spoon bending magician


Spoon and Fork Bending - 'Eat your heart out Uri Gellar' when Dave's performing, the spectators bend and twist the spoon or fork, they don't know how, but they do, in they're own hands they even feel it happening!!!! Yes the spectator becomes the Magician (Don't ask for the 'sick' ending unless you have a strong stomach!!!)


Floating Objects - If you think the levitation of inanimate objects is impossible .....hire Magician Dave Bonsall!!!!

These are just a few of Dave's favourite magic effects, but he has many, many other totally mind boggling and totally inexplicable effects, in fact Dave is so versatile, that he is one of the few magicians in the country that can even tailor an act to suit your requirements.





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